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vs. Ninjas: Fupa Attack! on Game Ninja


Pirates vs. Ninjas: Fupa Attack!

Description: The Pirates and Ninjas are battling out for ultimate glory! The purpose of this game is to stack the Pirate and Ninja Fupa together to destroy them. The difficult part of this game is that you need to take care of both sides of the field when stacking the Pirate and Ninja Fupa because you stack them two by two. There are special blocks such as skulls and bones to save the day when there are too many Pirate and Ninja Fupa flooding your screen like a mass attack and you are close to losing the game.
Instructions: Destroy the ninja and pirate Fupa by putting them next to each other. When three pirate and ninja Fupa get together they will be destroyed. Press the mouse button to shoot the pirate and ninja Fupa, do not let the pirate and ninja Fupa go beyond the edges of the screen, otherwise you lose.
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